Introduction to Python

Oliver Irwin

27th February 2023

I’m an animation student, why should I care?

  • technical know-how: you might have to speak to engineers and programmers
  • extra tool: design and animation tools use Python (eg. 3DSmax)
  • programming is a way to automate boring or repetitive tasks
  • you can have fun and create your own games

Growth over the Bachelor

  • BA1 - Initiation: Programming 101
  • BA2 - Improvements: Reinforcement and Object-Oriented Programming
  • BA3 - Application: OOP and plugin creation

Objectives for this course

aka what you’ll be able to do in 3 months

  1. identify common problems that can be solved with programming
  2. translate simple problems into algorithms
  3. employ programming methods to solve problems
  4. write short scripts and test their outcome


  1. a short introduction to logic and algorithmics
  2. Python theory and practice by building a game step by step
  3. updates on the game from your animation background


Final grade will be based on multiple points:

  • your work throughout the course
  • your work on the final project
  • small “exam” at the end of the course

Careful: involvement and regularity will modulate your grade